Gujarat State Police Housing Corporation Ltd.

(A Government Of Gujarat Undertaking)

Gujarat State Police Housing Corportation Ltd.
Earthquake rehabilitation work

Earthquake and Rehabilitation work

Special attention and consideration  is given to construction of residential & non-residential buildings, which are undertaken after the earthquake so that they have proper design and technical specification, and are Earthquake and Cyclone Resistant in relation to the notified earthquake zones so that structural designs are prepared accordingly. Especially for earthquake zone IV and V, the following revised measures are implemented for execution of the schemes.

  • Brick masonary in Cement Mortar 1:4 instead of 1:6.

  • Brick masonary instead of bela and rubble masonary.

  • Providing Plinth band, sill band, lintel band.

  • Providing corner bars at all corners and use of bars at each jambs, and openings. 

  • Use of M : 200 instead of M : 150 (grade of concrete).

  • Structural designs as per latest IS codes : (i) IS 1893-2002 for earthquake resistant design of structure and (ii) IS 13920-1993 for ductile detailing.