Gujarat State Police Housing Corporation Ltd.

(A Government Of Gujarat Undertaking)

Gujarat State Police Housing Corportation Ltd.
Policemen upto the rank of Police Inspectors are entitled for rent free accommodation as a part of their service conditions. The total strength of policemen in the state is about 82,181 and availability of quarters are about 46,838. At present, the level of satisfaction in the area of availability of Housing is about 69%. Therefore, in order to provide 100% satisfaction in the area of availability of housing, it is necessary to construct about 35,343 residential quarters for the police.
At the same time, many residential quarters/police lines are quite old and in a dilapidated conditions. It is therefore necessary that renovation / addition / alteration and strengthening measures for the same be taken up. Due to increase in strength of Police man in the State and increase of condemn of old Quarters, Satisfaction level of quarters is decreased.
Other Significance and Future Programmes
  • Construction of 2160 residential quarters has been taken up and completed total numbers of 633 during 2013-14.
  • Construction of 289 non-residential buildings has been taken up and completed total numbers of 79 buildings during 2013-14
  • Target of construction of 944 residential buildings in 2014-15
  • Work of furnishing and interior design of 2 Government Departments has been completed.
  • Furnishing and Interior design of Two Government departments have been Completed.
  • RO plants are being provided in all places where the potable water is brackish.
  • The Corporation has undertaken a unique survey of all police buildings and police land in the whole state and has prepared a data base. The survey among other things includes the condition of the building and repair needed supported by photographs.
  • All the Engineers of the Corporation are being trained periodically for skill upgradation.
  • From the existing 69% satisfaction level the Corporation proposes to achieve 100% satisfaction in accommodation to all the policemen in the State.
  • All pre independence building to be condemned and in their place new building will be constructed.
  • Uniform colour scheme for all police buildings.
  • Provision of 2 % project cost for landscaping / tree plantation.
  • Rain-water harvesting for all projects having estimated project cost of more than 1.50 crore.
  • Provision of 7.5% of project cost for furniture in non-residential buildings.
  • Continuous training of the staff on use of new technology.
  • Elimination of sunk slab and use of hanging traps to prevent leakage in toilets.
  • Use of FRP doors in bathrooms.
  • Use of solar power as alternate source of powers.